Error-Riddled Mortal Kombat Guide Won't Get Reprint

Strategy guide maker Prima Guides told visitors to their website that the error-riddled strategy guide for Mortal Kombat likely won't be seeing a second printing to correct the mistakes.

"Economics makes a second printing unlikely, unfortunately," a spokesperson wrote in response to fan's displeasure with the new guide.

Prima will printing corrected character quick reference cards to "dissatisfied customers," according to the site.

"The cards will be complete with all moves, Fatalities and Babalities, and free to anyone who bought the Official Guide or the Kollector's Edition Guide. To receive your copy of the cards, please send your name, address, and email to [email protected]"

The Prima Games team wrote that the inaccuracies in the printed guide, which includes conflicting information within the guide, missing damage information and bad directional control information, were the result of "rapidly fluctuating builds and last minute changes to the final guide".

Mortal Kombat Character Quick Reference Card Reprints and Mortal Kombat Updates [Prima Guides - Thanks Darius!]


    Glad I found this out before getting the guide! Guess I'll just stick to the internet for the fatalites :)

    I still find it amazing that people buy these things tbh. I mean, they have the internet on computers nowadays... gamefaqs and xbox360achievements are my best friends.

      I guess its a nostalgic thing, I like a hardcopy guide for rpgs, takes me back to final fantasy 7 and flipping through a book to get a gold Chicago and knights of the round Nigeria

      I personally grabbed most of my guides for the artwork. I, for example, have the guides for both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, the beautiful hardcover guide for Prince of Persia 08, as well as a ton of others, just for the artwork alone.

      And on the other end, you have fantastic guides like the one for Marvel vs Capcom 3 that is pretty much an MvC3 bible, and a great starting point for those who are interested in higher level play. Sure, you can get a lot (if not all) of that information online now, but having it all in the one place that you can access with a flick of a page is a nice thing to have.

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