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Yesterday was Thursday. To-today is Friday. We we we so excited for Community Kudos - which one should I choose?

Folks - we've smashed the record. Tadmod burst through the 1000 post threshold like the Incredible Hulk's purple pants and from then on Lamboman - or whatever he's calling himself these days - Jimu, Qumulys and a whole bunch of you chaps/chappettes just powered on through, posting well over 300 times in Talk Amongst Yourselves alone. I think that may also be a Friday record.

It's been a brilliant week all round. My personal highlight (besides getting my 3DS and my surprise pic of Elly) was the Kotaku invasion of White Noise. Which is encapsulated perfectly by this pic from Sughly, you magnificent bastard you.

We've had a couple of noms (nom nom nom) as well - which I'll mention now. One for Strange from Welbot, who wanted to thank her for providing him with tickets to see Flintroll. A typically awesome gesture from an awesome human being.

Blaghman also got a not so subtle mention on TAY from AmbroseIV, for "posting up a storm". I'd also like to give a personal mention to Lamboman007, or whatever he's calling himself these days, for the monstrous effort he's put in today in particular, in TAY and in the Forever Delayed photoshop post.

But this week there can only be one winner and, after great deliberation, I'm going with Sughly - mainly because the Kotaku invasion image sums up everything that's awesome about our Community - we take fun and legendary japes with wherever we go, be that Talk Amongst Yourselves or White Noise. I'm sorry I couldn't choose you all.

Another legendary week that will go down in the history of Kotaku lore. Thanks everyone - Markie loves you all!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Yay, good work Sughly, that image makes me laugh every time I see it.

      Oh, and thank you for the om-nomination AmbroseIV, there I was worried that you hated me. :P

        That's okay - I really do hate you though, honest! I'm just... er... trying to get inside your guard, then take you down. >_>

        That being said, Sughly's a deserving winner too (I love your art; you need to release a full game soon!) as would've been Strange's boozies...

        ...from what I can gather at least - I need some more time to catch up on TAY, it's like I've been frozen for 50 years and the world didn't stop for me so I wouldn't miss out on anything!

    No way am I clicking those links.

    Also, deserved win Mr. Sughly! The look on the faces of those poor little Gizmodians is pure win.

    Yay for Sughly and his man grapes!!!
    Awesome tags ( Sorry Strange :) ), awesome week. Look everyone is just AWESOME Ok!

    hahahaha what an awesome pic!!! I completely missed that!
    Congrats, mate :D

    Coooolies! Well done Sughly! :D
    And boozies is what I refer to my kids changing chesticle regions.... Yeah... awkward now huh??!

      Oh.. i was wondering why that word made me feel so aroused..


    Yay Sughly!! You r a WINNAR!! In my books and everyone elses by the sounds of it!! Congrats!!

    YAY! Woo! That's pretty darn awesome! Now it makes my completely unproductive week look not so unproductive after all! It was all worthwhile in the end :D

    God bless us everyone! But especially Sughly. He's super blessed. With prizes! Well done!

    Hahah, Sughly's pic is awesome. Well done!

    I have to say, this site's community IS pretty awesome. It's probably in part due to every post being moderated, but mostly there's just a great collection of personalities here.

    I can't keep up with the most recent page of TAY! By the time I got to read and reply to it this week, my posts were already 3 pages back!

    Congrats Sughly!
    Also, I think I'll just change my name back to lamboman :D

    Grats Sughly and great TAY this week guys, I think I even posted double what I do usually because of the great conversation!

    Congrats Sughly!


    Also, kudos to you Mark for actually getting work done today despite the arrival of your 3DS - does the daily diary also mean you'll be online over the weekend?

    Yay Sughly for drawing a pic of Gizmodoians who look like they've been violated!

    Also, Mark, when Nick's not at his desk, you should take down the Gizmodo sign and put up the giz-owned-do tag whenever you can.

    ...Why does the only guy with a party hat look kind of depressed?

    Congrats Sughly! :P

      Haha, yeah your right... it's because I gave him a sleepy eye.

    We are not worthy.

    Fuck, I love Kotaku.

    Well done to you regulars as usual.

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