Flashback Designer Creates Survival Horror Babysitting Adventure

Flashback Designer Creates Survival Horror Babysitting Adventure
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Paul Cuisset, the man behind the rotoscoped classic Flashback, takes a turn at survival horror with Amy, a tale of post-global warming horror that charges you with protecting one very special little girl.

Developed by Cuisset’s VectorCell studio and published by Lexis Numérique for the PlayStation Network, Amy tells the tale of a near-future Earth gone horribly wrong. Global warming has run rampant, spreading disease and causing natural disasters all around the world. To make matters worse, a comet comes crashing down on the small town of Silver City, home to protagonist Lana. When she wakes up, chaos and rage reign supreme, bizarre creatures are running amok, and she’s been infected by a mysterious virus. Her only hope is a little girl named Amy.

Amy acts as the player’s sidekick through the adventure, helping solve puzzles, crawling through small spaces, and using her mysterious powers to stave off the infection spreading through Lana’s body. Lana will develop infection-based powers as the story progresses, but without Amy she’ll devolve into another mindless monster. Building trust with her will be key.

Enemies in Amy are intelligent, hunting in packs, using scent, hearing, and your heat signature to their advantage. Fight, hide, or even pit groups of monsters against each other. Whatever it takes to survive.

So far we’ve just got the one screenshot of Amy, but it’s a nice looking screen, especially for a PlayStation Network title.

Amy is due out in the second quarter of 2011 for the PlayStation Network. The part of me that lovingly remembers Cuisset’s Flashback is excited. The part of me that remembers he also worked on Shaq Fu is kicking that part.


  • Everything about the synopsis (except the comet), including the picture and the little girl Amy, made me think of ‘The Passage’ by Justin Cronin.
    That picture is pretty much exactly how the vampire creatures were described. Awesome.

  • If it’s by the guy who made Flashback (and Another World, I think?) then it’s immediately of interest to me.

    • Eric Chahi made Another World, he’s a got game coming to PSN and XBL soon as well. Enjoyed both games a lot.

  • You know, every time I hear that AI uses “scent” to track you, it turns out to be code for “The AI has magical abilities to always know where you are.” (MGS excepted.)

    That one thing makes me wary of an otherwise interesting premise.

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