Red Johnson's Chronicles Makes Compelling Case For PSN Adventure

Combining a sleek and sexy graphical style, puzzle solving, investigation, and quick fire action scenes, PlayStation Network adventure game Red Johnson's Chronicles is a game that deserves more attention then it's gotten so far.

I've seen the name many times, but until I saw this trailer for the game, due out shortly on the PlayStation Network, I paid Red Johnson's Chronicles no mind. Now I feel like I've made a horrible mistake. This is exactly the sort of fresh, old-meets-new adventure game I crave, a compelling narrative wrapped around thoughtful gameplay with a little bit of action thrown in for good measure.

Red Johnson is a private detective that finds himself up to his arse in the case of the shooting death of the most hated man in Metropolis, the capital city of crime. As you can imagine, no one is grieving, and no one particularly cares if the murder is solved or not, not the man's wife, and not the police. Only Red Johnson wants to see this mystery solved, and he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Game developer Lexis Numerique has just launched the official Red Johnson's Chronicles website, so there's no excuse to stay in the dark any more, except the fact that it's probably safer there.


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