Game Boy Puts The Bomb In School Bus Bomb Scare



    Why? Now it'll start up the "gamers are sociopaths" arguments again.

      Yeah, I can just see the rumours - "boy makes bomb out of gameboy."

    "and agreed that that was no way to treat a vintage game system."

    Because of the bomb scare it caused or because he respects the system too much to do that to one? The first makes more sense, but I feel like that sentence implies the second.

    I once built a Rickroll-in-a-box that had a pair of speakers, a walkman, a battery pack and wires all over the place, and packed it in my check-in luggage to take with me to Melbourne for a friend's birthday. Airport security seemed to be smart enough to not think it was a bomb :P

    "The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad safely removed and destroyed the device."


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