Game Boy Puts The Bomb In School Bus Bomb Scare

Police responding to a bomb scare this morning on a school bus outside of the Northside Intermediate school in Milton, Wisconsin, discovered an 11-year-old boy in possession of a video game system dressed up with wires and batteries to look like an explosive device.

Milton Police Department Lieutenant John Conger confirmed with Kotaku that the system in question was an "old school" Game Boy, and agreed that that was no way to treat a vintage game system.



    Why? Now it'll start up the "gamers are sociopaths" arguments again.

      Yeah, I can just see the rumours - "boy makes bomb out of gameboy."

    "and agreed that that was no way to treat a vintage game system."

    Because of the bomb scare it caused or because he respects the system too much to do that to one? The first makes more sense, but I feel like that sentence implies the second.

    I once built a Rickroll-in-a-box that had a pair of speakers, a walkman, a battery pack and wires all over the place, and packed it in my check-in luggage to take with me to Melbourne for a friend's birthday. Airport security seemed to be smart enough to not think it was a bomb :P

    "The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad safely removed and destroyed the device."


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