Little Kid Tricked Out Of His PSP

Takanori Osanai, 26, didn't have a job. He didn't have a permanent address. But he apparently had a plan to steal PSPs.

"My goal was to sell the PSP I swindled away," Osanai told authorities in Omiya in Saitama Prefecture, which is outside Tokyo.

On March 23 at around 2.15pm, Osanai approached a group of grade schoolers at a supermarket food court in Tokyo's Itabashi. Osanai introduced himself as a writer at a fictional comic magazine, presenting a business card to the group of kids.

One sixth-grade boy was playing with a PSP. Osanai told the kid that he'd like the boy to play a brand new PSP game but needed to borrow the sixth grader's portable. The kid handed over his machine, and Osanai supposedly made off with the machine.

According to reports of five or six similar swindles occurred in Tokyo from this past January. Police are now investigating to see if there is a connection.

新作ゲーム配信名目で、小学生からPSPだまし取る 容疑の無職男逮捕 [MSN産経ニュース]


    uuuh just get the 12:40 from central any day in sydney to lose more than your psp

    in what sense is this 'news' exactly?

    Hahaha the PSP bandit strikes back

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