A Spiffy PSP Value Pack For You, Japan

Oh, now this is nice! Look at that red. And the black. And that neat little cloth. Like I said, nice!

On November 22, a new Red/Black PSP-3000 value pack is hitting Japan for ¥14,800. Note that quantities are limited. M'kay, noted!

"PSP「プレイステーション・ポータブル」(PSP-3000)バリューパック" [4Gamer]

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    The question is: 'why?'

    Do they have a whole bunch of PSP PCBs left over with no casings or do they think that a special edition PSP is going to appeal to the people who haven't already moved to the Vita?

    I like the pouch, though.

    I've still got my PSP plus a dapper Sackboy themed case. But that is quite spiffy. Wish Australia had these.


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