Old GameCubes Get An Extra Life In Office Supplies

The GameCube was a fantastic little machine that never quite lived up to its potential. Even though the Wii can play GameCube games, don't toss your console out. You can convert it to hold office supplies.

The disc tray can be modified to hold thumb tacks and the vents are perfect for paper clips. Sticks pens in the holes in the top, while the handle strap can make an ideal iPhone holder. And the front where the controller plugs are? Change that to a drawer.

使わなくなった『ゲームキューブ』に第二の人生を歩ませる方法 [秒刊SUNDAY]


    I would never do that to my Gamecube:O

    you know, instructions would be nice.

    USB hub with a HDD inside would have been much cooler

    The lunchbox mod is still my favourte. This is pretty lame in comparison. :(

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