Rumor: Mortal Kombat Demands 'Online Pass' To Play

Mortal Kombat publisher Warner Bros. wants to encourage fighting game fans to buy new (or pay to play online) by implementing an "online pass" scheme for the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game.

That's according to a report from Joystiq, which says that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will borrow a page from EA and THQ's moneymaking playbook, requiring players to redeem a "one-time-use registration code that gives players access to all online modes in the game." That online pass token will be included with new copies of the game, reportedly, and will cost 800 Microsoft Points / $US9.99 USD for those who purchase the game second hand.

Joystiq cites an e-mail to retailers as the source of that policy shift at WB, which reportedly plans to implement the same system for F.E.A.R. 3 and Batman: Arkham City.

Rumor: Warner Bros. joining 'online pass' camp with Mortal Kombat [Joystiq]


    Not that we really can care, seeing as it's RC here. Unless they've hidden coding into it preventing aus people playing at all - which could be possible seeing as there's such thing as region specific dlc and that's what those codes are!

    Does anyone / Kotaku know if we're getting an edited version instead?

    I might not bother importing if they do something minor (eg. make the screen black & white during fatalities).

    Meh. Why not? People fork out $15 for crappy map packs all the time.

    I was on the fence about grabbing MK (never liked it as much as SF as a kid. It always felt clunky and nichey.) but now, I think I'll import. FIGHT THE POWER! STICK IT TO THE MAN! and all that jazz.

    My understanding is that it's a response to the trade in games market which only really benefits the retail market and not developers.

      Yep. That's it exactly. There's no issue here. You buy it brand new, you get the price of the online pass built into your brand new game, you get it free essentially, part of the game you buy.

      You buy the game 2nd hand? Tough luck for you. You have to go and buy the online pass to play it online. This ensures a bit of profit for the developers at least. I don't personally see any issue with this. It's one of the less irksome DLC issues out there.

        ^ This.

        + It'll also get money out of the pirates..

          Just means games retailers down here will have to make the 2nd hand games more than $5 cheaper than brand new :P

    Wait, theres gonna be multiplayer in Batman: Arkham City?


      Good god I hope not. Not ever game needs multiplayer. I would prefer no mp and more time spent on the single player experience


      From the director of Arkham City:

      "...There have been a number of rumors circulating about a multiplayer mode in Batman: Arkham City so let me start by saying, once and for all, that Batman: Arkham City is a "single-player only" experience..."

      Towards the bottom.

        Thank goodness. I wonder why you need an online pass then? Surely they can lock you out of the game if you don't get one.

    I don't think fellow importers of MK need to worry about this. I imported 'Medal of Honor' (awful, awful game!) from the UK. It had a code that needed to be entered for multiplayer that was obviously intended for the UK market but worked fine over here.

    I'm more worried about getting the game through customs, and then being able to find an online match with Australian, lag-free opponents.

    People sell second hand item de it dvds, cars, tvs etc you name it! The original manufacturers dont get a cent from that!

    So why the heck do game companies feel they are entitled to a share of second hand sales!

    Its ludicrous! These codes better be region free cause I have already placed my order.

      Because, kaiser, running servers costs money. It's just a dev's crappy way of dealing with those overheads. Naturally, people who can't afford to buy a brand new game are getting shafted.

      That said, I generally don't play online multiplayer. The experience hasn't changed enough in the past 10 years to contain my interest, and MMO's have generally only gotten simpler and more "chatroom" like, since UO.

    this country sucks ass for gaming.

    its no germany, but its GOT to be one of the worst.

    annoying, when its your #1 hobby.

    Great Game.. i Am Aussie So importing this game was a pain but 100% worth it.
    Aussie gamers there is a way to redeem your Online Kombat Pass for multiplayer.

    Step 1. Create Alternate Xbox Live Account (Need Different Working Email) then change your location in settings to United Kingdom.

    Step 2. Turn Off Console then turn it back on and sign in to new account

    Step 3. Load Mortal Kombat > Extras > Redeem and input the Pass

    Step 4. Sign in to AU account and Enjoy

    Please Note That Avatar Items Like Scorpion Suit Are Linked To Profiles So You Will Not Be Able To Equip It To Your AU Account

    I Will See You Guys On there

    XBOX: MaTTyREjeCT90


      hey mate, with creating an alternate xbox live account, do you need to get another 12 months subscription pack?

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