Russian Devs Blame Antiseizure Requirements For Crummy Sturmovik

Russian Devs Blame Antiseizure Requirements For Crummy Sturmovik

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover, bravely carrying the flag for the decimated flight combat genre, has released in Russia where its devoted following is complaining of crippled gameplay and terrible framerate issues. One of the game’s developers says anti-seizure controls mandated by Ubisoft, the game’s Western publisher, is the culprit.

Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover is due for a March 31 release in the West. 1C, according to this unidentified dev, is required to incorporate technology that analyzes a frame’s brightness and if it passes a certain threshold, averages it out with previous frames within a certain span. This apparently slows everything down and makes the game play like crap.

A translation of the remarks misses some idiomatic expressions (“this crap brakes at the ground,”) but the sarcasm and frustration are evident. 1C Company, the developer says, is trying to find a way to disable it on the Russian version of the game, assuming that Ubisoft’s requirements concern a legal due dilligence applicable in Western Europe and elsewhere.

Still, “It is necessary to assure Yubisoftu and give them a check that off in Russia will not allow Western epileptic somehow disable this thing at home.”

Anti-epilepsy Filter? [1C Company Forums, thanks James P.]


  • What’s wrong with natural selection? If you can’t play a game without potentially dying, and are not perceptive enough to avoid playing such games on your own… GTFO?

    • Tonight on ACA gamers are they insensitive Ass-holes or are they right should natural selection reign.

      We’ll bring you the exclusive after this totally journalistic story on 2 dogs getting married and how gay marriage threatens the sanctity of marriage 😛

      • It has nothing to do with gaming, this is like if peanuts were banned from being in peanut butter. It doesn’t matter if you have a peanut allergy or not, tough, no peanuts for you. Enjoy your shitty butter (until the lactose intolerant people want to piss everyone off).

        Flickering propeller, muzzle-flash, sun glaring in eyes… these are essential for visual accuracy of a WW2 flight-sim.

        • Better make sure the next time you get sick or hurt yourself, you don’t go to the hospital or take some medication, because you’ll be going against natural selection.

        • You know, I was totally against this until I read mcilrain’s cripplingly bad arguments. I can’t stomach being in the same camp as that.

          Personally I’d favour having it as a default-on toggle in the graphics options, and if you disable it, you get a dialog box telling you you’re on your own if anything happens to you.

          But seriously, I can live with launch problems or performance issues at the start of this, because from its pedigree, and what I’ve seen of it, I am pretty sure I will still be playing this game in 7 – 8 years and it will still look and play great.

          IMO the biggest flaw in the gaming community is this raging sense of entitlement which in this case boils down to “who gives a shit about the negative effects this could have on epileptic people, they are a minority that I am not part of therefore I do not relate to their problems”.

          I’m not cancelling my preorder. Oleg and his team have worked hard on this and I’m prepared to give them both time and the benefit of doubt.

          • Please do not misunderstand my comment about natural selection, I meant it in regards to idiots, not people with epilepsy.

            I think that a simple warning should suffice. But if this is any indication I’m sure Ubisoft would implement such a warning in a permanent watermark covering the entire screen during gameplay.

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