Sucker Punch Premiere Was... Punchy

"A young girl is institutionalised by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility." Meet Sucker Punch. So, was the star-studded red-carpet more snake-pit or fantasy? You be the judge.

Diane Lane goes for cocktail classics in a warm squash-tone.

Jena Malone in the prom dress of every girl's dreams — both young and romantic.

Abbie Cornish in a soft, lovely evolution of the bandage concept.

Emily Browning goes vaguely goth; her purple lipstick definitely steals the show.

Carla Gugino, per usual, opts for flat-out bombshell, without the twist.

Vanessa Hudgens wows in this stunning, backless Jenny Packham.

Jamie Chung's draped Giambattista Valli is the other standout — both soft and super-sharp!

Emma Roberts is maybe skewing a little "Dalmation Plantation," but it's nice to see someone breakingcenterthe floaty-and-formal mould.

And, hey, as long as he's here, we might as well take a gander at Mr Hamm.


    Whilst I appreciate seeing beautiful women looking beautiful, I was expecting more on the actual premiere of the movie. You know, how the film was received generally, who from the more respectable parts of Movietown was there and what they thought of it, maybe even some TOTALLY NOT BIASED comments on how great the movie is from the stars.

    I'm not sure what to do with this.

      Yeah... when did Kotaku turn into Who Weekly?

      I don't give a toss what anybody was wearing at the premiere (as eye-pleasing as some of those photos may be) - was the actual movie any good? I loved the trailer, it seems to have everything you could possibly want in a movie - hot chicks, robots, samurai, nazis, dragons etc etc. But I'm curious to know if anybody could actually wrangle all those cool elements into a coherent (and good) movie.

    Browning looks terrible in that picture haha. Though I know how hot she can be so I'll let this one slide.

    I'm surprised, I wasn't attracted to any of these pictures at all.

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