Summon Some Scribblenauts Toys For Your Collection

Summon Some Scribblenauts Toys For Your Collection

5th Cell’s inventive puzzle-platformer Scribblenauts will be coming to vinyl toy and plushie form later this year, thanks to bobblehead and action figure experts Funko. Maxwell in fabric and vinyl form is now available for pre-order at fine toy resellers.

Funko also has plans to release superdeformed versions of characters from Halo: Reach and Mortal Kombat in the coming months alongside bazillions of other non-video game related characters. But the toymaker’s Scribblenauts collectibles may be the best of the bunch.

Incidentally, Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell is currently hard at work on a new shooter, the unusual, cover-based Hybrid.

You can pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store at the links below, should you be interested in Maxing up your home.

Maxwell Plushies & Maxwell Vinyl Action Figure [BBTS via Superpunch]

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