Scribblenauts Unlimited Is The First Wii U Game By A Kotaku Columnist

When Jeremiah Slaczka isn't answering your questions here on Kotaku, he's running 5th Cell, the game development studio behind Scribblenauts and other interesting games. There's a Scribblenauts on the Wii U and — wouldn't you know it — he would like to show it to you.

Here's Jeremiah with Scribblenauts Unlimited.


    buying a wii u for this game!

    Its the scribblnauts game my boy and I always wanted!!!! Between this and ZombiU... I think Im sold on getting a WiiU.


    Thats one of the best things ever. Loved the original (on the iPhone)

      that wasn't the original... that was a remake of the second game

    Scribblenauts was a great idea, it's just a shame the platforming suuucked.

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