Super Maria And Link Vs. Donkey Kong In A Diaper


    Looks terrific!

    Trust Kotaku to make a spelling mistake Super Maria really you get the name of an Iconic gaming character mixed up with a common females name Kotaku you should be ashamed.

      From the looks of the picture... It doesn't look like Mario. It looks a like a girl. Perhaps named Super Maria?

      Um, did you actually look at the picture?

      You'll see that "Mario" is female and it says "Maria" up the top of the page, this "error" was intentional.

      Uh, did you even bother looking at the picture at all?

    There goes my movie idea...

    That Donkeykong looks pissed!

    I was bored by SSBB after about an hour, but this looks freakin awesome.

    Maybe some Nigerian Prince can finance this as a proper game?

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