The Next Game From The Makers Of Minecraft Is...

Penny Arcade and Minecraft are teaming up to make a new game that seeks to reinvent the classic collectable card game genre.

Scrolls will be developed by indie game studio Mojang and feature writing by Penny Arcade's Jerry "Tycho" Holkins.

"Notch and I started discussing the idea of Scrolls nearly five years ago," said lead designer Jakob Porser. "We are both great fans of the CCG genre, but we felt that there were some common gameplay flaws in the available titles. We're excited to finally put all our thoughts into action with the realisation of Scrolls."

Holkins brings his flair for writing and deft use of adjectives to the game's back story. Holkins says he and the rest of the folks at Penny Arcade are big fans of Minecraft.

"Ever since Minecraft took root in the offices, it's transformed once vital staffers into shambling hulks, concerned only with the construction of monolithic structures," said Holkins. "When Notch said the Mojang guys had an idea for another game, I decided it would probably be safest just to join them."

Still in beta, computer game Minecraft already has more than 4.5 million registered users and has sold more than 1.4 million copies. The game was developed by Markus "Notch" Persson. Persson has since formed Mojang, a studio of nine based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Scrolls, Mojang's first game as a team, will combine elements from classic collectible card games with tabletop and board games, according to a Majong press release.

"Scrolls features the fun of collectible card games with the strategy element of board games, as players' placement of units, buildings and siege weapons on a game board are vital to victory," according to a press release. "Scrolls also offer a strong meta game strategy aspect, as players will assemble their collection of scrolls prior to entering battle mode. Spells, units, equipment and resources must be managed just right to be successful."

The game, which will be available on later this year, will support both single match play as well as global tournaments.


    The English on the first three cards needs a bit of work.

    (I know, I's a hobby. Shush.)

      I'd expect more considering Penny Arcade's Tycho is involved.

      What are you talking about? I eqip my eqipment all the thyme.

        Yes there is a spelling mistake but the is also a comma there if you did look at the larger version.

    Sounds interesting, hope this doesn't take too much away from Minecraft though. After all the game is still in Beta.

    I also hope it is still easy to pick up, some of the CCG get a little out of hand with complexity. Something doesn't need to be complex to be tactical.

    Interesting... But I've never gotten in to any CCGs before. I'll wait and see where this project goes before anything.

    I like Penny Arcade, I check it every update, but his writing is really wordy. I had an English teacher who used to say:
    "Just because you can use a big word, doesn't mean you need to; readability is vital for a reason".

    Also, Notch and Mojang... finish one game before starting another.

    I'm sure they will optimise the game with Keywords, as most Card games have. Should be interesting to see them attempt something of this scale though.

    Jerry Holkins is not afraid to flaunt his ownership of a thesaurus. Unfortunately, he has fallen victim to excess. I find it ironic that someone who boasts to be well versed in written english communication, he has made it harder for his peers to comprehend what he writes.

    The writer's mind is a jumble. I don't find him particularly difficult to read now that I'm used to his style. As for his spelling, it is frequently erroneous - he is probably too busy with ideas to be spell checking constantly.
    Not that it should be excused, but at least that's what I figure.

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