This Child Of Eden Trailer Is Gaming Synaesthesia

This Child Of Eden Trailer Is Gaming Synaesthesia

Dated for June 17, Child of Eden is the upcoming rhythm action game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game designer responsible for the classic shooter Rez.

The actors in the trailer appear to be wearing white gloves – something that Mizuguchi’s done in the past when showing Child of Eden at gaming events. This makes us wonder if white gloves are required. If so, will they come with the game? Will they be my size? Questions!


  • Can’t wait for this to come out. Sure do wish they’d lock down the release date already, since every place I go seems to have a different one listed.
    OzGameShop just recently changed their release date from April to August… So who knows what’s going on with it.

    • If my last experience ordering from ozgameshop is anything to go by, it means the game will launch in April, but your copy won’t actually arrive until August 😛

  • wow, they aren’t even trying to cover up the inaccuracy of the players movements in relation to the game’s cursor.

    But at this point they’ve already sold 8 million Kinects so why does it matter anyway.

    The game is sure pretty though.

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