We Want These Incredible Portal Portals!

I'm pretty sure these aren't real portals, but they look absolutely incredible. Combining some LED lights with a mirror and some cool tricks allowed this husband and wife team to create an awesome effect that looks almost exactly like the portals from Portal.

According to the husband, the effect works via the curvature of the rope.

The cool radial thing is from the LED lights we used in the build, and from the curvature of the rope light around the mirror. I don't know about all LED rope light, but the specific lights we bought from Orange Tree Trade (link is to the blue lights we used) have the LEDs directionally arranged parallel to the rope itself. Thus when we curved the rope light, the LEDs are no longer pointing parallel to the rope and are instead pointing tangentially or slightly outward, creating that cool effect!

We want one. Or two.

Check out more pics here

Custom made Portal portals are an interior decorating triumph [Joystiq]


    Ohmanohman, embed it into a wall, with two mirrors angled at 45 degrees facing each other behind it.
    That would work, right?

      I think you would be able to see that the mirror behind was angled at 45 degrees, but I'm not sure. I think it would have to be a much shallower angle, meaning you would need more mirrors to bounce the image back and forth.

      Very cool idea though

    I'll take two. Simply awesome.

    I wonder if the Valve merchandising department will give them a call?

    I wish I had those in my house. They look awesome.

    But all i wanted was cake.

    I want ...... Now

    Why not go one step further and cut an oval shaped hole in the wall and put a portal rim on either side. >:]

      Or further still, make the room on the other side of the hole an exact copy of the room you're in, but rotated 90 degrees

    Totally showing this to my missus, she'd love to make something like this :) so very very awesome

    its just a mirror.

    its not like you can actually walk through it lol

    How about a 32" LCD mounted portrait with a window frame surround. Do the lights around the back still. Then mount a cam on the other side of the room, to shoot the back oy yourself looking at the mirror. Fow a change you could put up a picture of some nice scenery or fantasy scene.

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