What Are The Actual Chances Of An Actual Uncharted Movie?

What Are The Actual Chances Of An Actual Uncharted Movie?

Uncharted, the PS3 adventure game series, is coming to the silver-screen. While the movie may not sound like Uncharted, it’s got big names attached. That doesn’t mean it’s going to actually happen.

Hollywood is a town where everyone is always working on something – their next project. Stars are attached to movie after movie. But just because a big star is attached and just because there’s a script written, that doesn’t mean a roll of film is going to be shot.

Unlike the game industry, which is driven by individuals reluctant to talk about things they’re interested in doing, things they’re thinking about doing or things they might do, Hollywood is more than willing to entertain an endless array of projects. This is why hot actors end up being attached to a handful of projects at the same time.

Thing is, not all of them get made. So it’s a bit like gambling with the goal being to attach oneself to as many different movies as possible in hopes that at least one of them goes into production. So much depends on boring things like schedules and money.

Certainly, there are exceptions to this rule: folks like Woody Allen or Quentin Tarantino end up making whatever they write. But they are the exception to the rule, not the rule. Remember the George Gershwin movie Martin Scorsese wanted to make? What about the Dean Martin bio he was readying? Or the one about priests in Japan? None of those films never happened. Maybe they will — one day. The director wanted to make The Last Temptation of Christ since the 1970s and finally got it made in 1988.

David O. Russell, who is slated to write and direct Uncharted, is mentioned in a handful of possible projects that include a sequel to the Fighter, a modern telling of Job as well as the movie Old St. Louis, which Russell wrote. And of course, Russell is writing Uncharted. Take your guess at which will end up as a movie!


  • I’ll be f***ing ropable if this does go ahead considering that Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of At The Mountains of Madness just got canned last week. There’s something very wrong in a world where a movie like that can’t get made, but this “Uncharted” movie can.

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