New Uncharted Movie Director Is ‘Starting From Scratch,’ Fully Aware Nathan Fillion Exists

The new man in charge of the Hollywood adaptation of PS3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Neil Burger, says he’s starting the film over from scratch, “going back to the videogame.” His choice for Drake is still undecided. [Crave Online]


  • Don’t change anything, it’s just a generic pulp adventure with a funny/muppet of a lead character. Nothing wrong with that.

    • One can have choices in mind while still being undecided. I can for instance go shopping knowing I want to get a snack and maybe have a few in mind, but until I actually pick one I’ve not made a decision.

  • I’ve got to say, I’m hopeful this movie will turn out great but as long as the core Uncharted series remains awesome I’d prefer to play through Drake’s adventures instead of slack jaw gawking at a screen while downing popcorn.

    • No reason you couldn’t do both 🙂 It all depends on if they can produce a movie that will make you WANT to.

  • Bradley Cooper would make a much better Drake than Fillion, Fillion can only do inept smug douche, and that’s not drake at all.

    • Well to be fair Drake gives a lot of smug looks in UC2, but I have to say Cooper with darker hair would be a knockout Drake. Sorry I love Nathan Fillion but he’s kinda a bit old and pudgy now…

    • Tread carefully around here. Inflammatory comments generate inflammatory responses, particularly when you insult Nathan Fillion.

    • “Fillion can only do inept smug douche” written by a person going by the name of “firefly sucks”

      The stench of troll is overwhelming.

    • Problem with Bradley Cooper is that he is not…animated enough.

      we need someone with plenty more facial animations and who is a bit more charismatic.

      Man Harrison Ford at his prime would have made a perfect Drake…

      oh wait, Drake IS Harrison Ford.

    • see I always figured Bradley Cooper would be good for a character like Flynn

      but I’ll second Joe Flannigan as a good non-Fillion option for Drake

      meanwhile I would love to see Bruce Campbell playing Sully

  • Fillion would need to do some serious work to get in shape to play Drake going by his appearance in the last Eps of Castle. But he’s still my first choice.

  • Only thing that pisses me off more than the horrible Mark Walhberg/Joe Pesci rumours is nerds endlessly fanwanking over Nathan Fillion.

    Chances of him getting this role are <1/100. He's significantly older than Drake and he's incredibly out of shape, if anyone's been watching his recent work.

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