What Sort Of Person Plays Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

What Sort Of Person Plays Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

Roughly one month after its release, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds churns up fun facts galore that gaming demographer (and social network) Raptr has culled and interpreted for your enlightenment. The full size is at bottom.

More analysis, plus an explanation of Raptr’s methodology, is at the link.


  • Trish/Storm/Ryu player here. Enjoying the game still but online is rubbish. Wish Capcom would fix it. At least Sent is nerfed now.

    • Wait, they actually nerfed Sent? I honestly never expected Capcom to bother with changes other than modes that should’ve been in the game in the first place, or paid DLC. Especially since they completely wrote off adding a proper spectator mode after stating it would be included post-release.

      Seems I should probably give the game another chance.

    • Just read about this, apparently Sentinal’s health has been greatly reduced and certain attacks may be slower/do less damage. If Capcom thinks the game was unbalanced then so be it, it sets an interesting precedent though. Has this been done before in other fighting games?

      I’d like to hope this is a one off and they don’t continually make character changes in the future – investing time into learning a character only to have their power reduced would be very annoying – though I can understand that Sentinal was a little overpowered and hopefully this will decrease the whinging about him.

      I’d still have preferred a spectator mode. Hopefully, as Neil mentioned, this means they’re taking an interest in what people are saying.

      • It’s not really too bad.. Sent was the only real nerf from what i saw.

        The rest just removed an Infinite and a glitch. Which is great IMHO =D

  • I really enjoy playing this game online. I’ve not been into a fighter this much since SFII on the Mega Drive. I generally play with Wolverine/Akuma/Chun Li, though also mix it up a bit with Deadpool, Storm and the much maligned Sentinal. Hope to become more capable with other characters in time.

    What these stats don’t point out, is that the average mental age of MvC3 players is about 5. I frequently receive abusive mail from people I’ve fairly and comprehensively beaten. It’s all very laughable and I generally reply with kisses and friend requests, to their further enragement.

    After reading the MvC3 gamefaq forums it seems apparent that the (western) 2D fighter community in general is made up of angry, whining, immature young children carrying on about ‘spammers’ and ‘scubs’.

    Having been a gamer of over 25 years, this excellent game unfortunately plays host to some of the most laughably poor sportsmanship I’ve encountered both inside and outside of gaming.

  • I’m a casual fighting games player. Never touched online, messed about with the easier difficulty settings in arcade mode and completed some of the first few missions before they ramp up to insanity. I mostly tend to mess around and play with friends locally.

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