Without This Guy There'd Be No Mortal Kombat

When Shao Khan threatened to merge our reality with his, the thunder god Raiden appealed to the Elder Gods to give EarthRealm a fighting chance. Where would we be without his timely fight-to-the-death suggestion?

This story video for the new Mortal Kombat has me wondering what would have happened if Raiden had been a bit more mellow. Perhaps the fate of EarthRealm would be regularly decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors, or a nice game of chess. Hell, he should have picked basketball, and filled our team with NBA stars. It's how the US achieved Olympic dominance, after all. Shao Khan might be intimidating in the scary helmet, but I bet his vertical leap sucks.


    Now, about that release ACB.

    Yeah yeah, this is great and all, but what news on WBIE's appeal?

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