A Wooden Neo Geo Is A Masterpiece Of Fine Craftsmanship

A Wooden Neo Geo Is A Masterpiece Of Fine Craftsmanship

This is a Neo Geo. A working, fully armed and operational Neo Geo. Made entirely of finely-crafted walnut. I don’t know the precise moment master craftsmen and video games got together, but it’s a union worth celebrating.

The entire console’s casing is made out of walnut. Even the cartridge slot. Everything inside, though, is pure Neo Geo. Shipping next month, the console has a universal power supply, meaning whether you’re in the US, Europe or Japan, you can order one and know it’ll work on your relevant voltage.

Such a great console with such a great finish was always going to come at a price, however: it costs $US649. Expensive, but then, in a poignant touch $US649 was the retail price of the Neo Geo when it was on the market for real.

Neo Geo Consolized MVS [Analogue Interactive, via Engadget]


  • ***wipes tear***
    That is truly beautiful… I want to play all the Samurai Showdowns. Fatal Fury Special!!! King of Fighters (pick anyone!)Art of Fighting! SNK vs Capcom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone remember World Heroes?? Was on the SNES too!

    These were the KILLER console back in the day.

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