Another Game Cancelled Due To Japan’s Earthquake

Another Game Cancelled Due To Japan’s Earthquake

Disaster Report 4, a disaster survival game, was cancelled shortly after the Tohoku Earthquake out of respect for victims. The upcoming Momotaro Dentetsu game is joining Disaster Report 4 in the canned bin.

Momotaro Dentetsu is a series of dice-based video game board games which take players to different areas of Japan. The reason for the upcoming Wii game’s canceled, says Momotetsu creator Akira Sakuma, is that it is difficult to depict areas of the country impacted by the earthquake, namely that it’s so sad to see populated areas where there is now nothing.

The next Momotaro Dentetsu was slated for 2012 on the Wii. So when will the next Momotetsu game be released? According to Sakuma, “For the next Momotaro Dentetsu, I’d like to contribute to PR for the northeast, once rebuilding commences to show people how energised the area is and to tell them to come to northeastern Japan.”

Sakuma previously stated that he planned to end the series due to a recent corporate change in Japan.

「被災地に物件ないのは悲しすぎる」「桃鉄」2012年Wii版が製作中止 [Yahoo!ニュース]

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