Baraka Sure Is Ugly

But is he uglier than he was in the original, viral Mortal Kombat clip? For the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, the character's make-up is getting reworked.

He looks more troll and monstery and not nearly as unsettling as he did in the original clip. In that re-imagining, Baraka was an expert martial artist who was into self mutilation.

In this latest shot, he looks like he's into magic and potions.

Mortal Kombat - Legacy [NY Times via]


    It's a low budget web series so I'll give it a chance. Loved ep 1. He looks better than other attempts at least...

      With Warner Bros producing the series, I figure they actually have considerable cash at their disposal...

      And I much preferred the original idea for Baraka. This looks pretty lame.

        Agreed. While I'm normally against radical redesigns of characters when they're trying to represent a pre-established license, the original design they had for the pitch really fit into the dark and gritty world they were trying to create. Sad to see that go by the wayside for a really crappy-looking troll.

    I don't like it at all. If they were going to mess with his design they should have taken a radical approach. This design is so...generic.

    They should've given him Obama's facebones. ;)

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