How To Find 3 Of Portal 2’s Best Secrets

How To Find 3 Of Portal 2’s Best Secrets

Have you already finished Portal 2? If not, maybe you shouldn’t watch this video, which shows you how to dig up three of the game’s easter eggs, because at least one of them is seriously spoileriffic. In fact, you better stop reading right now, because we’re going to explain what buried treasures are featured in this handy little video.

First, if you haven’t spotted the location of the “missing experiment”, better known as Aperture Science’s Borealis, first hinted at in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, we’ll show you where that is. Or, rather, was since the cargo ship disappeared quite some time ago. If you’re not familiar with the Borealis and its place in the Half-Life universe, the Combine Overwiki will get you up to speed.

Second, there’s a portrait of a lady nestled away in Portal 2 that will help you put a face to an important name from Valve’s new game. It’s not hard to find, but if you’re without the related achievement, we’ll show you how to get it.

Finally, of minor concern is one musical easter egg. If you recall, quiet rock band The National penned an original tune for Portal 2. Seems some people missed its location during their first play through, so we’ve included directions to that.

Any other good Portal 2 secrets you’d like to share with the group?


  • In Test Chamber 16, right near the start, there’s a sentry behind a small metal grate. Destroy the sentry with a laser and the grate will blow open. Crawl on in and you can see and hear four other sentries, singing to themselves.

  • In one of the test chambers, you can se the co-op robots looking through a broken panel. I can’t remember where now.

    • Are you talking about near the beginning? I don’t think that’s a test robot. I think that’s the personality core from the beginning that peaks through and says something.

    • That was Wheatley looking through the panel. The only time I saw one of the co-op bots was near the end, running through a very distant exit door.

  • One of the “Bring your Daughter to Work” day potato projects was done by Chell, which means she is the (possibly adopted) daughter of an Aperture Science employee.

  • i felt this game was a little underwhelming really liked the first one and it was priced very very well but this one triple the price + i finished single player in 4 hrs ='(
    fun while it lasted though. just wish there had been more

    the little eggs were very good found all of them first go.

    • No, you didn’t finish it in four hours, even the people at valve said it took atleast 6 hours to complete the game knowing all the solutions to each chamber. If you did do it in 4 hours then you got that bug that cuts out large chunks of the game 😛

      • Ill be completely honest, I beat the game in 3 hours on my second time. No joke. I started playing at 9 then finished around 11. 🙂

          • Well they might have been talking about starting at 9 one day and then finishing at 11 the other. Or they were an idiot like you said.

          • Those of you saying its not doable in 3 to 4 hours are just flat wrong! You obviously haven’t tried to beat the game in a speedrun or you just suck at portal… I used a stopwatch and including cutscenes but minus loading time I beat it in 2:32:17! Easily too I might add…I screwed up plenty of things i could’ve done way faster. I believe if you do a perfect run its possible in 2 hrs flat!

  • There is a room in one of the test chambers, (forgot which one)it was a dead end and there was a Macbeth quote there. I thought it was interesting and it closed as soon as I exited the room.

  • I, too, beat the single player story mode in 4 hours. What they were talking about was 6 hours for single AND co-op mode, which took me a combined about 7 hours. I have beat SPOILER Wheatley and found the stash of humans lol SPOILER If they are talking about 6 hours for single player alone, I’ve beat that, easy.

  • I get it. You’re so brilliant that that these game’s are mere brain teasers for you expansive intellect. I also realize that because you are such a genius that these games fail to entertain. What I don’t understand is how someone can be so narcissistic that they need to tell strangers how little they enjoyed a game because they finished it so quickly. I really don’t care, I’m enjoying the heck out of this game. Maybe these geniuses should spend their time doing activities that are more on their level, like translating Steven Hawking’s theories on astrophysics into Klingon.

  • I’ve got a pretty good Easter Egg: Rattmann. He can actually be seen three times for a split second while you are SPOILER going up the elevator after the first 4 singing turrets.

    • Oh, you mean during the Turret opera? Sorry, pretty sure what you saw where Wheatley’s Frankenturrets (turrets with boxes attached to them). In the comic Rattmann was shot and then put himself into cryogenic sleep, so I highly doubt he would be wandering around the facility.

      However, at one point in the game early on you can walk behind some panels into a small room where you see his scribblings and also hear some… very disturbing chanting.

  • theres a secret early on – the one where you have to put the box on the bridge then take the bridge off and let the box fall on the target to catch the lift in time – look up to the right and you will see a panel thats off and you can go in there and see someone who survived in there with lots of waters and an xbox or ps3

  • i really enjoyed BOTH games and look forward to a third installment. i’m sure there will be one. the game definitely makes you think outside the box, i like that. challenge mode is fun too, like finishing level with fewest portals and such. just my 2 cents worth.

  • Amidst one of the many conveyor belts full of turrets and scrap robots to be incinerated or destroyed, you can find one mostly functional turret. It’s ‘apathetic’, or something like that. You pick it up and it says ‘thank you’. If you make it talk more, (pick it up/ swing it around/bump it into things) it launches into some speech that sounded rather biblical– I didn’t catch what it was saying because I didn’t realize it was something to listen to. More picking it up and such will get it to say “Her name is Caroline. Just remember that.” and eventually “I can’t say any more” at which point it does just that. I removed it from the belt to let it live and placed it as sort of a guardian of the dead on their voyage to the furnace.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that! I swear I always end up inadvertently turning games into elaborate morality plays. It’s kinda weird. (Deus Ex must have ruined me as a child)

    • yeah i end up doing that all the time! i hate it when people just speed through a game and dont even listen or pay attention to objects.
      Portal 2 is a very good game, but you must (and i mean MUST!) finish portal 1 before you even touch portal 2. Someone let me barrow portal 2 last summer rite before a week-long camp, and i tried soooo hard not to hear any spoilers! i herd like 2, though. IT WAS WORTH IT. Half life 2 is also a great game, and it takes place durring portal 2 (I think. Or was it portal 1?)
      p.s. valve should make an update for the end of the co-op dlc and make it the combine trying to break in to aperture (For some good reason i cant put my finger on)

  • in one of the test chambers (2, 3 or 4 i cant remember) if your quick enough you can grab wheatly as he sticks his head out of the wall (and make a paradox (i hope) )

  • I found a new secret!! I will be posting this in a few places… In test chamber 17, in the rat man room, you can hear the rat man in the walls if you are careful.

    Finding this room has been written about for years (you simply send a light bridge into the hole in the wall). It’s the same room where you can bring the radio (and get the coded broadcast)- but no one has ever heard actual proof that the Rat Man is still alive- until now 🙂

    It can only be heard if you have the music turned on (nothing comes up on the subtitles unfortunately) and I found this at 11:20pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on the 10-6-18 it may be time/date specific (more on that later).

    Position your character in the corridor about halfway from the top of the stairs and the rat room (with the spinning fan in the ceiling), facing the strange moon/face drawing on the wall. Really push yourself into the wall to hear it as clear as you can- and you should hear the rat man murmuring behind the wall.

    The key to this mystery (and why it has NEVER been found before) may be the picture/face’s eyes look like two moons…

    Remember the bottom of the fall/well where you first picked up the portal gun? The room with portal-able walls with paintings of Chell on them? Remember looking up (directly up from the portal’s platform) and seeing the moons (with numbers) written into the ceiling plates? Maybe the numbers on the ceiling refer to specific times/dates (like this time, the time I found this secret) and I got lucky with the combination.

    Luke Frohling

  • That can’t be ratman if you decode the transmission (you can search it on YouTube) it shows a companion cube on the moon and try to get the other ending you’ll see a lot of things about the moon because ratman thier and he built a base

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