Indie Fighting Game Skullgirls Beats Lag With GGPO

Indie Fighting Game Skullgirls Beats Lag With GGPO

The all-girl fighter Skullgirls will fight for lag-free online battles thanks to the implementation of latency-hiding networking code GGPO, which enables the play of classic, old-school fighting games over the internet. Developer Reverge Labs officially announced the inclusion of GGPO today on their blog.


  • This does make a sort of sense, as I understand that Microsoft makes a huge loss on the X-Box units, anmiig to recoup the money through software sales. If they can persuade another, independent company (or companies) to market the hardware, they increase the market for profitible software sales, while reducing the deficit on hardware sales. dderidex makes an excellent point though. The reason I have a console at all is because I want to be certain that I’m using the exact machine the games were designed for. If I wanted to get into the nightmarish realm of different hardware vendors’ peculiar bugs, driver updates, version numbers and differing input schemes, I’d play games on my PC.Mind you, my console is a Wii, marketed squarely as a toy for non-gamers. My friends who spend hours a day in the very latest games or tweaking their hacked consoles’ Linux installs might well disagree with me.

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