Mother Kills Child For Throwing Away Game Console

On the night of March 30, little Shizuku Tanaka was murdered in Osaka. Her feet and hands were bound by tape, and she was stuffed in a garbage bag. The bag was tied shut, and the three-year-old is now dead.

Her mother, 26-year-old Yui Tanaka, later told investigators, "Shizuku was being fussy and noisy while we were gaming." According to the Nikkei, Tanaka also said that the little girl threw their game machine and other important possessions into the garbage. "Even when we scolded her, she didn't listen," said Tanaka, "so we put her in a bag."

The mother didn't act alone. Along with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Tanaka taped her daughter's hands and feet and stuck her in a plastic bag. The autopsy report says the little girl died of suffocation.

Tanaka and her live-in boyfriend are now in police custody, saying that they didn't intend to kill Shizuku. They apparently met last year via a dating site and began living together this past February.

Reports are also surfacing that paint Tanaka as a "demon mother". Last year, Tanaka apparently wrote online, "Even if this kid died, I wouldn't cry."

容疑の母「ゲーム機捨てられた」 ポリ袋で3歳窒息死の事件 [Nikkei][Pic]


    Hang 'em high.

    That is just sick. Forget rehabilitation or anything like that, just string 'em up.

      True man, that's just utterly sick! Over a freakin' console... an inanimate object for entertainment purposes... No pity for the wrong doers here.

      Here here! They took the life of a innocent little child.. "people" like this don't deserve to live!!!

    "...saying that they didn’t intend to kill Shizuku."

    And they thought that tying the bag shut WOULDN'T do that? That is just fucking sick. Maybe life in prison would teach them that.

    I beleive there is something fundamentally wrong with the parents.

    Do the same to her, make her feel the pain.

    No kid should be treated that way. Unfortunately there is no test that can be taken before becoming a parent, but some days, I wish there was.

    Just wait til the Australian Christian Lobby jumps on this story - "All parents who play games should have their kids taken off them".

      Why the ACL, or any religious group for that matter, has any credibility whatsoever in lobbying on topics such as violence, family matters, etc is beyond me.

      Religion never harmed anyone, including brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, did it?

        Religion has harmed and killed many throughout history.

    I hope they suffer and burn in hell for wat they did I have a three year old daughter and I can't believe a parent can do something like this

    "Bag and Tag" her if you know what i mean

    for those who dont, to Bag and Tag means to kill them and put them in one of those body bags.

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