Nielsen Survey Finds Black Gamers Spend The Most Time Playing Consoles

Nielsen, the folks who measure every single thing that is or could possibly be done with a television set, have released an analysis of gaming habits by ethnicity, finding that African-Americans game the most per day, on average, Asian-Americans the least.

Black gamers spent an average of 16 minutes a day using a TV to play video games, Nielsen said, according to a study conducted in November of Americans aged 18 to 49. White gamers spent 13 minutes per day, on average; Hispanic gamers 10 minutes and Asian gamers 9. Overall, Americans spend an average of 13 minutes a day using a TV to play video games.

Game time on a TV is a tiny fraction of the set's overall usage, on average, representing about 4 percent of the 5 hours and 11 minutes a TV is on in an American household each day. But it is comparable to the 15 minutes of time a day, on average, Americans spend watching a DVD through their television.

Nielsen: Americans Average 13 Minutes Playing Video Games On TV Daily [Gamasutra]


    i love pointless stats like this

    well clearly alot of people are lying because i know for a fact my seshs would bring up the average HEAPS.

    Well I'm just gonna go ahead and address the elephant in the room. It's because console gaming is cheaper.

    You know it, I know it. The average black person earns less than the average white person therefore gaming wise you will find more black people using consoles for gaming as opposed to PC gaming.

    So basically we have an article about a study that states the obvious.

      Awesome! You got to speak to Babar? I never pegged him as gamer though...

    Asians: Dota, Starcraft and WoW probably skew it in favour of PC.

    What a waste of time and resources. I'm not sure what the point of this pole is, but if it is to see how cultural background has an effect on our gaming choices and preferences, its kind of weird to generalise 'white' and 'asians' into single catagories, as they are generalising lots of countries into singe groups. Maybe i'm interpreting it wrong though.

    There's an apostrophe in "that's" clearly your level of intelligence is low you racist scum bag!

    13 minutes on avg a day, even if that was all combined into one session a week it's only 91 minutes. Either they are distracted really easily, or I have an addiciton. :P

    Thankfully nobody made the obvious unemployment joke.

    Oh wait.

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