Oh Good, We Now Know Something About The Marvel MMO

Oh Good, We Now Know Something About The Marvel MMO

Marvel Universe, the upcoming massively multiplayer role-playing game based on the comics publisher’s roster of heroes and villains, will be free-to-play. That and many more details – the first for the game! – have been provided by PC Gamer.

Most important aside from the fact it’ll be free-to-play (meaning it’ll charge you for upgrades and/or perks along the way) is news you’ll actually be able to take control of existing Marvel characters, like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

The game’s villain is Dr Doom, it’s beign written by Brian Michael Bendis and is firmly entrenched within canon, meaning there’ll be no super-surprising shenanigans done story-wise.

You can read plenty more of the nitty-gritty stuff at the link below.

First Marvel Universe details revealed: You play as Marvel characters, it’s free to play, and more! [PC Gamer]


  • All sounds pretty cool, I’m not an mmo player but being a big marvel comics fan I would love to give this a try.

  • Love Marvel, love a good MMO.

    Don’t love the idea of being able to control existing Marvel characters though.

  • Got to say this is a bit of a downer. Playing as existing Marvel characters using existing stories as bases isn’t really what I want from a MMO.

    It sounds like they want to make a Marvel Ultimate Alliance type situation with multiplayer, and they’re just throwing the MMO part on as a match-making service.

    I mean it should be an interesting play and all, I just get the impression it’s going to be something where I get to the end-game and quit.

  • free to play but buy upgrades and perks?

    “Hmm i think i’ll play as spiderman”
    *spawns on top of large skyscraper and starts running towards the edge*
    “and here…we…go”
    *jumps of the edge*
    “now time to swing to safety…”
    “To use webslinging ability, please purchase from store”

  • Sounds good to me, I avoided DC Online due to the ‘create your own hero’ mechanic. I don’t want to play as a derivative Joe Mchero Guy with a PUG filled with people who look like different coloured Deadpools. I want to play as a Marvel character and have my buddies playing as Marvel characters.

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