One Of The 360's First XBLA Hits Is Delisted

Xbox Live Arcade was available for about a year on the original Xbox, before relaunching with the Xbox 360. When it did, a game named Marble Blast Ultra became one of the first breakout hits on the downloadable service. It has now been delisted.

The studio behind the game told XBLA Fans that the title was removed in the confusion over who now owns the rights to it. It sounds like GarageGames was rebranded as Instant Action in 2009 and reformed after Instant Action shut down. Unfortunately, much of GarageGames' intellectual property was sold off in the meantime. That included the rights to Marble Blast Ultra. It's not even known who owns its rights.

Marble Blast Ultra sold 700,000 copies. Its downloadable content is still available on Xbox Live.

Marble Blast Ultra delisted (UPDATED) [XBLA Fans]


    That's a shame. I bought the game and found it quite good - must play it more often. That and Switchball.

    That's dissapointing. Glad I still have my copy. Still annoyed that DOOM was removed though. I think removing something from being purchased new is fine, but when you have some issues and need to redownload a game you've paid for, but can not due to it being removed, that's a silly system.

    Hoping I never have to redownload MBU.

      If you've already purchased the game, you can still redownload it through your purchase history, even if it's been delisted.


    Doom was removed? How come?

    Also, I've had a copy of this for ages. It's a good game, and a shame there was no DLC for it. I'm still going to be able to play it though right?

    Not even kidding when I say I was going to buy this on my pay day. DAMN. The demo was great!

    This is one of the things that I am concerned with digital distribution. If someone purchases so many games that they can't all fit on the hard drive at once, what happens when the downloads aren't available anymore? I like revisiting the past games/consoles, and I imagine I will do the same with this generation some time in the future.

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