Get Some XBLA Games With Your Xbox Controller

xbox 360 arcade controler bundleWhen you buy an extra controller, chances are you're doing so to play multiplayer games. So it would make sense to bundle some multiplayer games with that controller, yes?

Microsoft have a new wireless controller bundle available today. For $89.95 you get the now standard black controller and four Xbox Live Arcade games: Geometry Wars 2, Lumines Live, Bomberman Live and Ms Pac-man. The former three come on a disc while the latter is just a download token, strangely.



    Pretty damn sweet deal. I'll be picking one up soon anyhow seeing as a bumper just gave out on me. Nice to know I get some freebies :D

      Spilled beer didn't agree with my A button last week.

    A disc! Gah.

      Yeah personally I'd prefer if they'd package codes with it to download the games, as well as a disc, you know, just incase, but I'll take what I can get :D


    Any idea what M$ are doing with the hard drives - no stock of 120 GB drives anywhere for some time now?

      Expect the 250GB drive, currently only available with the Modern Warfare 2 console, to become standard once existing 120GB hard drive stock is sold through.

        Ah great point!
        Makes total sense too.

        120GB standard size sold with consoles, minus the Arcade. Elite they want to be primary even though Arcade is the cheapest and most appealing to parents buying for kids.

        Just hope MS don't raise the price a lot and make it even more expensive. Their HDDs are quite expensive compared to other Portable Hard drives that yes aren't compatible with the 360.

    Nice selection of games, good idea for a kids' present.

    So the controller is normally that price? That'd be okay, I've been wanting a forth controller, but I'm not paying extra for those games... I think I already have Geometry Wars 2 anyway. (yeah, I like it so much I don't even remember if I bought it or not...)

    Hmmm, this coming at a time where I need a new controller. I've also had my eyes on 3/4 of these games. How beautifully convenient!

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