Our First Look At The Alien World Of Prey 2

Our First Look At The Alien World Of Prey 2
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Here it is, your first colourful look at the bustling alien world of Prey 2 – that is, if you haven’t already seen previews of the game in OXM, PlayStation The Official Magazine or any of the other print mags with a peek at Human Head and Bethesda’s very different sequel.

Bethesda has released exactly one screenshot and one piece of concept art from Prey 2 via their official blog, a peek at the dark, but colourful world of this PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. You won’t see any vaginal architecture, but you might see an otherworldly hookah or two.

They’re big images, so make sure you “CLICK TO EXPAND” to see them at ludicrous resolutions.

There’s more to come from Prey 2 in the following weeks, but for now, you’ll have to settle for two static images.

Concept art from Prey 2


  • I don’t think aliens would really build things that look so similar to human architecture … unless we are actually building things that looks like alien arcitechture!!!

      • Maybe they are PJ’s – ‘in the future society has done away with formalities and focuses on comfort first – PJ’s at work, on the battlefield, where ever the mood takes you!’

  • *sigh*
    If only this was ACTUALLY prey 2… not just a whole new game they’re deciding to call a sequel to Prey..

    I won’t be buying this…

  • @ Chuloopa and Tali

    Remember that the plot of the first game was that aliens have been visiting earth intermittently for the last few thousand years and abducting people (in fact there was an entire human civilization living as parasites on the alien space ship). Would it really be that far flung to think that there is a bit of influence going back and forth between alien and human cultures?

    • ” Would it really be that far flung to …”

      Not at all! I confess I only ever played the demo of Prey 1.

      See where trying to be funny got me?

    • Not to mention Tali and Chuloopa, an important aspect of science fiction is the science part, which means for any of the viewers that are not scientists: It has to be believable, which means it must adhere to human comparative understanding. It’s a notion that Star Trek plays really well just so they can stick to very small budgets.

      Not to mention, if an alien race existed on a planet with similar to earth gravity, oxygen>carbon dioxide breathing systems, with similar 4 bipedal bodies, then of course it would make sense that their culture and constructions would be similar to ours.

  • At the end of the day that screeny looks pretty cool. Which is enough to pique my interest

    And Tali, Alien mobsters of minority ethnicities in pinstripe suits = awesome.

  • Executive: “Oh hey, that Mass Effect game did well, let’s make our own “futuristic alien shooter”! What brand names do we have in our vaults that involve aliens?”

    Developer: “Um, well, we made this game Prey once, but…”

    Executive: ” Brilliant! Let’s call it Prey 2: Modern Warfare!”

    Developer: *facepalm*

  • looks more like a mass effect clone than a prey sequel to me. Still, I didn’t enjoy Prey tat much when I played it almost 5 years ago. Tho if the sequel does have this setting I will all up for it. Better than stuck in an organic lifeform with tight corridors and generic monsters.

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