"Sam B" Performs Before Quite A Dead Crowd

Another set of screenshots dumped today tell the tale of Sam B, a "one-hit wonder rap star of fading fame", booked for the ill-fated resort of Dead Island the weekend the apocalypse went down. Decked out in pirate garb, Sam B will be the game's Tank class, according to an accompanying release from developer Deep Silver.

The rest of the (back)story from the email: Sam B's hit was "Who do You Voodoo". He has a history of substance abuse and is trying to put back together a life undone by drugs, bad friends and worse business partners.

The screenshots only show Sam B from the back (and his left arm, in FPS mode); a concept gives you the full frontal, and there's a nice embiggened desktop if you want to snare that.


    MUST... BUY... THIS... GAME...

    I'll wait until it comes out before I buy it because it might turn out to be anotehr Homefront. Big on hype and that's all.

      Not to mention a 4 hour campaign... which I managed to finish in 3 the second time round O_O

    Zombies are the running variety (first shot). Did we already know this? (Apologies if so)

      I think the trailer dropped the news a while back.

      i remember reading something about there being a mix of shamblers and sprinters

    He looks like a pirate!

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