Sega Teases 'Something Big' For Sonic The Hedgehog's 20th

Hard-working Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20-years-old this year. Surely Sega must have grand plans for the "Blast Processing" pioneer, right? Right. And we'll find out what those plans are this week - or have we already?

Sega has begun prepping us for exciting announcements, warning that "There's something big coming this week to the Sonic Facebook page" and that the company will "start celebrating on Thurs 7th April". Could that celebration be related to the recently unearthed Sonic Generations web sites?

New domain registrations for and were spotted by expert URL finder Superannuation earlier this week, potential clues about Sega's plans for a new Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Last year's effort, Sonic Colours for the Wii, was warmly received by fans and critics, so let's hope Sega has learned from that game's smart use of 2D and 3D gameplay and its lack of Sonic sidekicks.


    'Lack of sonic sidekicks' - surely Tails can come back tho??

      Tails got nothing on Big the Cat.


    This massive news will obviously be Sonic 4 - episode 2!

    Anybody who expects anything bigger than this doesn't know SEGA very well and deserves to be disappointed...



    Yep Sonic Episode 2 I'm predicting, and they'll add Tails and also let you use him in Episode 1.

    Let's hope that it's a patch that adds physics to Sonic 4, that at least might make is playeble.

    It's a patch for the Megadrive/Genesis re-release to avoid emulation glitches like in the picture above. Sonic is supposed to be BEHIND the banner!

    Sega, please stop doing this to us... you promise the Earth, but you only deliver dirt.

    the southpark indiana jones episode comes to mind...

      but there needs to be rereleases, needs to be!

    LACK of sidekicks? PLEASE. Bring all the characters back from the dead, please. just because some fans dont like them, they don't have to play as those characters if they dont want to. make it optional. but PLEASE bring them back

      Dude noone wants Milkshake the Goat back or any of the stupid sidekicks. Only Tails and Knuckles should make a return. Also: [email protected] anyone getting excited over a Sonic game.

    Probably Sonic 4 ep 2, as just about everyone else has said.

    That or Sonic is permanently going to stay as the werehog.

    But then, I am a bit of a masochistic gamer when it comes to Sonic. I actually liked Heroes and Unleashed, and keep thinking about getting Colours. Couldn't stand the '06 game though.

    Yes, replying to my own post.

    With all the Sonic Generations URL registrations, is it going to be YET ANOTHER compilation?!?

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