So How Much Better Does Ocarina Of Time Look On The 3DS?

The short answer: a lot. The long answer: a substantial amount, my dear, it really is quite noticeable.

These new comparison shots, put together by NeoGAF user Prime Blue, show some key scenes and locations early on in the game, with the 1998 Nintendo 64 version on the left and the 2011 Nintendo 3DS version on the right.

Looking at the 3DS version in isolation, it's easy to get a little bummed when you compare it to, say, Twilight Princess. For those not wanting the absolute cutting edge in handheld graphics, and are just after a faithful remastering fo one of the greatest games of all time, these help put things in perspective.

While we've got you, there were a couple of new pieces of Ocarina of Time 3D info released by Nintendo today. Firstly, the game will include a new mode called "Boss Mode", which lets you take on the game's bosses in isolation (or, if you want, all in a row in the one battle). It'll also include video hints for people either new to the game and stuck on a puzzle, or who are stuck, haven't played the game in over ten years and can't be bothered looking on the internet for a FAQ.

[Prime Blue @ NeoGAF, via Tiny Cartridge]


    amazing i cant wait i want this game now

    Don't know if I like the new Hyrule town market as much, the old one looks a little grittier and more realistc, but otherwise everything looks great

      you want a gritty and realistic Zelda?

        I can't answer for the fella above, but I can definitely say that I prefer nice, traditional granite-like stone buildings to the gaudy new ones. They look an awful lot like they share a decorator with JB hifi.

      you posted at 4:20 on 4/20

    I'd argue that it looks exactly the same when viewed by the standards we held when the game first arrived...but I can't be bothered.

    Wow...the future is apparently a bright and colourful place...

    boss mode sounds great.
    i had 3 save games on my lovely gold cart.
    1 was a 100% complete and the other 2 were as many temples as possible up to the bosses without beating.
    i loved the boss fights.
    i look forward to the challenge of completing them all in a row.

    this is the only reason i want a 3DS, i really hope there is a nice OOT bundle with a limited edition 3DS

    All of Nintendos zelda like games (metroid prime) desperately need a boss battle mode. Seriously its about freaking time they put it in cause boss battles are so epic.

    I took one look at Hyrule Castle Town and jizzed myself.

    Now how does this stack up to the gamecube re-release? I want the game and a 3DS but I'd like to see other Zelda games put on the 3DS.

    The Gamecube release would look exactly the same because it was ported over. The only difference would be the frame rate and refresh rates.
    I can not wait for this game now. I love the new title screen. The shield gave me shivers.

    Actually been playing my gamecube version - almost past the water temple now. while i love the new graphics - i have no reason to buy the game for a third time.

    The Title screen looks amazing and so does the new Hyrule field, But something about that new designed Link gets to me, in the N64 version Young link had a more Humanistic <- (best word i can think of) look to him. but the new one looks like... well an Elf on Steroids :P


    Pre-orded from EB. Got a free awesome poster.

    This is really enticing me to buy a 3ds.

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