The 3DS Has Ben Outsold By… The DS

The 3DS Has Ben Outsold By… The DS

A couple of interesting things to note from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS: it was outsold during the month of March by the Nintendo DS, 460,000 to 400,000. Granted, the DS had a whole month to sell that number, but still.

Taking a little more gloss off the 3DS’ release in the US is the fact it was again beaten by the DS in terms of launch sales. When released back in 2004, the DS sold 500,000 units in its first seven days on sale in the US (against the 3DS’ 400,000), a great number for a handheld that was, at the time, seen as a risky proposition.

While we’re sure the 3DS will pick up some steam once there are actually some must-have games for the handheld, considering the market dominance enjoyed by the DS Nintendo must be at least a little disappointed.

On a brighter note for Nintendo, Pokemon Black & White has sold an astounding 2.4 million copies, the split going 1.3 million for White and 1.1 for Black.


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