The LEGO Star Wars Battle Escalates Beyond All Reason

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is in stores and the marketing campaign is over... or is it? LucasArts has one more trick up their sleeves: a monumental stop-motion animation LEGO battle between Yoda and General Grievous. Enjoy!



      I find your lack of faith disturbing. Google fixes this problem.

        If Kotaku are going to tell us about something they should at least link us to it.

        Mr Fahey spent more time adding tags to this article than he did making it useful for anyone.

        The faith in Google might be strong, but the faith in Giz is weakened. A 3 line post, requiring us to Google? So much for content aggregation.

        That said, the website for the game is pretty damned cool.

        And the videos are awesome.

          F me. I meant Kotaku. I'm island hopping too much...

    Update: This mysterious particle is Made in China.

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