There's A New Mech Fighting Arcade Game

Developed by Konami, Steel Chronicle is a multiplayer mech combat game that's currently - and rather quietly - having some location testing done in Japan.

The game is a shooter of sorts, with a viewpoint sat close behind the player's mech, while you're tasked with mowing down waves of invading alien bugs. The action is controlled via a rather fancy dual-joystick setup.

There's not much more known about the game at the moment, since its flier is geared more towards how to play rather than what you're playing, but the mere premise of piloting giant mechs in an arcade setting will be good enough for some!

「スティールクロニクル」ロケテスト開催 [AM-Net, via Arcade Heroes]


    Looks intriguing, not that we'll ever see it outside of Japan. Reminds me of a dual-joystick controlled mech game in the arcades i used to play as a kid, fairly sure it was Japanese produced as well though I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.

      It was probably "Virtua-On". It was released on Dreamcast too.

        Oops, typo. It's Virtual-On.

    Looks like fun, but if released on the xbox 360, it might have problems since the 2 analog sticks aren't symmetrically placed. Unless they offer an alternate more traditional control style like other third person or fps shooters.

    Also system link multiplayer would be preferable to online only.

    I just got back from playing it while stationed in Japan, very fun, very addicting. its like a mix of Blue Gender and Ghost in a shell style wise. Fast game play, easy to pick up, (i dont speak or read japanese, but i was able to play it quickly. though the menus where trial and error)

    its a worth while game, i HOPE it comes to America on a console

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