Unpleasant Horse Is Now On The App Store – It’s Free!

Unpleasant Horse Is Now On The App Store – It’s Free!

Unpleasant Horse, the first game from PopCap’s new label 4th and Battery, is apparently quite edgy. It was initially rejected by Apple, since the game involves ponies being thrown into meatgrinders and all, but now Unpleasant Horse is available on the App Store. The best news? The game is free of charge.

Unpleasant Horse is a one button jumpy affair, with a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it for the money. Given that it’s totally free.


  • I grabbed it on the App Store this morning but I’ve been looking for the cable that connects my computer to my ipod for over an hour to no avail. For all I know, my son probably ate it. 😛

  • I downloaded it and played it for a few minutes but quickly got over it. It was fun but I seriously couldn’t get over its bad grammar. D:

    Once spelling and grammar starts affecting how much you enjoy games then you know you’ve got a problem.

  • This is my new Tiny Wings. Awesome fun, great style, really fitting music, and definitely has the ‘just one more go’ factor. Plus, those meat grinder sound effects are SO satisfying….

  • In such a failure heavy game, they really shouldn’t be dumping you to the menu screen every time you die. Not sure what they were thinking.

    Think the “Pritty” horse was intentional, mattroe.

    • Nah, there’s stuff like “it’s” instead of “its”, “let’s” instead of “lets”, etc.

      Nothing major – just enough to irritate me. 😛

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