What Crash Bandicoot Looks Like Running On The Crysis Engine

This is Crash Bandicoot Return, the closest we'll get to the classic PlayStation platformer looking as good as a Crysis game. This Crash Bandicoot game is actually running on the Crysis engine, because it's a fan-made mod that pays homage to Naughty Dog's 15-year-old series.

Crash Bandicoot Return is a Crysis mod from Anonym-Art Productions, which only recently announced the game's existence. In the above video, featuring very early gameplay, we see the oldest of Crash levels, N. Sanity Beach from the original PlayStation game. It may not have the polish of a complete Crash game at this stage, but it's already one of the prettiest games to star a bandicoot that we've seen.

Read more about the mod at ModDB, but hope that the people who hold onto those Crash Bandicoot rights - you know who - let this PC mod enjoy its fan-made, fan-loved existence.

Crash Bandicoot Return [ModDB]


    It's unfortunate that he moves like a FPS in 3rd person mode. Obvious reasons why, just a shame

      Im sure they can tweak the movement speed

    I don't remember the PSX being this in love with motion blur. Still looks sweet, though.

    Wow, he looks TIRED.

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