Xbox Live Reacts To PlayStation Network Outage

Some have noticed that PlayStation Network is down and out at the same time Microsoft is running a free-to-play weekend for all Xbox Live account holders, across all of Europe. Electronic Theatre asked an Xbox Live rep how the company felt about the timing of such events:

"Of course it's regretful that Sony is encountering issues at such a busy time, and Microsoft takes no joy in the problems gamers are having playing their favourite games online. That being said, we are expecting Microsoft's robust online network to see an increase of traffic from those gamers who own both systems. Being able to play their games via the Xbox Live network could make all the difference for some gamers, and the Xbox Nations event will allow all of them to do just that – whether they have a Gold subscription or not."

Microsoft React to PlayStation Network Outage [Electronic Theatre]


    2 things:
    1) Fair play to XBL for doing something, however opportunitstic and meagre, for their subscribers. And for being so uncharacteristically retrained in rejoicing. "OF COURSE it's regretful..."; "we are expecting Microsoft’s ROBUST online network to see an increase of traffic..."
    2) I still havent turned either of my Xboxs on this long weekend.

      Hmmm guess your are the one missing out.
      1. Yes Microsoft’s online network is ROBUST.
      2. Yes I have turned on my XBox 360 plenty.

        xbl has went down before as well.... for something like 18 days...... it's a pity sony couldn't be the first to experience this problem so they could appear to be the more "robust" network.

          xbl went down for like 9 days in 2007 but they didnt get hacked, it was a problem with all the new systems being bought. not all xbl members were unable to go online

        Ah yes robust indeed. I remember Xmas 2008 when MS robust network was down for...oh...2 weeks. Ah yes robust indeed. We are such an A.D.D. culture.
        We forgot that networks are code, and code can be broken. Code does not know multimillion dollar corporation. Anyone with knowledge, patience and time can hack anything.

    Whilst it is a bummer, I am not to stressed over it all. If this was a service I was paying for year on year, I would be fuming, but PSN has been faultless for me from the very first day, so a few days down time is fine by me.

      I totally agree with you there. I haven't had any issues with my PS3's free online service since late 2007 when the console was released. I can't believe how many people are talking about getting something for nothing, or complaining about PS Plus subscription (which updates every month not daily). I still wouldn't go to xbox live if someone paid me, I hate the system, and I hate how many of xbox owners are passionate haters on Sony/PS3. Play your games and let us play ours.

        Sorry guys are you living on another planet? The psn was in march for a day if my memory serves?

        It has also been down at least 3 times last year and not forgetting apocolps3! It's not the point of being free, it's the point of buying online enabled games you can't play because the provider can not commit itself to a fully fledged online service.

        And what about ps+? Typical ps3 fanboys

        i agree every where i have read, nothing but complaining, yes its a bummer but hey shit happens,would rather wait than have to pay for online usage.....XBOX!!!!

    Wow! What a choice I have with consoles! One platform randomly shuts me out of online play, while the other one graciously allows me to play online games for free... for a single weekend!

    What choice, what range, what...

    Oh wait.

    *Logs on to steam*

      Ah, Steam. To think I once derided you. How foolish I was... :)

      Oh yeah, long live the PC!

      So true So true!

      Good troll imo and agreein with this :P

      Yep, precisely what I do every single time. I played online on a console once...that experience didn't last very long.

    Just because PSN is down and XBL is free, doesnt mean im going to dust off my shitty xbox 360 and have a play

    I wish I had some form of internet tazer so I could zap the crap out of haters and trolls. Who'd need online gaming then?

    P.S Is this not more proof that a paid service is better then a free service due to the resources they have and are able to have a more stable service with limited interruptions?

      Don't forget that Xbox Live has had unscheduled dowtime on a number of occasions.

      I think the biggest issue here is that some games are even unplayable offline.

      I'm not familiar with the PSN, but does this mean that these games would be completely unplayable by people without an internet connection? Seems a bit rough...

        Unless gamers are trying to play online-only games such as MAG, then every game on the PS3 should be completely playable. I'm still able to play Crysis 2, CoD, NHL, Madden, etc offline.

        Playstation Network has no effect on offline play.

          There are reports that some Capcom with built in DRM are not working...

    Recently, one of three awesome online gaming services stopped working. While I still have the other two for the moment, its not the same. I hope to back up at full strength soon because video games, in whatever form they take, are pretty goddamn awesome.

    Get some sunlight.......................

      It's raining.

        It's snowing!

    I'd rather play games on my 3-year old laptop than buy an Xbox
    I'm fine with PSN going down a few days, just the one annoying thing is, I haven't gotten to play my Infamous 2 beta yet

    I have both a 360 and PS3 and the PSN outage won't make me any more eager to play on Live. One reason is I don't have Portal 2 anyway the other is i have hardly any games to play on Live...

    PSN will be back. I'm happy offline until then...

    and life goes on

    I would care except for the crazy fun I'm having with SSFIV 3DS.

    Pretty sure the free weekend thing was announced several weeks ago so they aren't exactly taking advantage of PSNs outage

    I guess Im not as lucky as some people...just sold my games to gamestop and grabbed Homefront the same night..and Im getting tired of the 1 hour campaign..I hope that they can get everything running smooth atleast before wednesday so I can get in some fps online

    You get what you pay for with Sony's online Network. I don't understand why people would rather play on a PS3 when they have the 360 their.

    P.S. Microsoft are using this to promote Xbox Live obviously lol.

      @Daniel Harkin, I have an Xbox 360 Gold membership for now, but I use the PSN way more because, for me, and I mean this genuinely it has so far been way more stable. I think Xbox users are forgetting the the 11 day outage of Live or the numerous intermittent service issues. Also as a P2P network I have had seriously bad connection problems to some peoples games, people quitting causing all sorts of havoc. The PSN offers pretty much everything live does and does much of it better, that is my honest opinion. Would I like the PSN to have cross game chat? Yes, but does the in game chat work well? Yes. I also hear more people talking in online games on the PSN because people can't go into private chat parties. Long and short of it is this the PSN is a damn fine service and its free. Xbox Live is a damn fine service but you pay for it, both have their individual faults and it comes down to personal preference which one you prefer, for me its Live. PS my gamer tag is SirAngry just as proof that I do have Live!!!

        @SirAngry I completely agree with everything you've said! I like people like you. My reason being that even though you say you use PSN more, you agree that both consoles have their ups and downs, and that neither of them should necessarily win a "console war" compared to idiotic fanboys on either end. In fact not having PSN has made me a better person, I'm not stuck up in my bedroom playing on Call of Duty, I'm socializing with other people and being more friendly :)

          @TomboFry, its a close run thing for me, overall I think my PS3 probably gets more use, mainly due to the fantastic exclusives. I do like Live though and the cross game chat function is great, but I do game online more on the PSN, mainly because I've found it more stable and the gamers a nicer bunch. I don't really care whether Microsoft or Sony sell more consoles because honestly them squabbling means I'm the real winner.

    In my case, I chose the PS3 for the fact that PSN is totaly free, I will gladly wait through a whole month of downtime for the fact that I don't have to pay for the service. On another note, at least I can still play one player mode on my PS3, my kids XBOX with its red ring of death is worth less than a good paper weight because its not even that stylish!
    Props to flat black!

    I completely agree with the arguments back and forth and here or there. But to be honest, why do Xbox fanboys have to be so obnoxious? I have all of the console, starting from the Atari 2600, and I still won't turn my xbox on if my life depended on it. Even if I did have to turn it on to save my own life, it would probably get a RRoD and kill me off anyway. The fact is, people don't mind the downtime on the PS3, because it's not an EVERYDAY thing. It's not like it goes down at random, most of the time when it's down, is due to updates being pushed out. Other than that, I haven't had any issues with getting online with my PS3. As far as PS+ goes, it's not a required service like Live is, it's optional. Plus, if Live were attacked and shut down, you couldn't even watch Netflix, atleast the PS3 still can without it :D I'd also like to point out, the small amount of space my "single" disc games take up in my gaming cases.

      To be honest, why are PS3 fanboys so obnoxious?

      Glad that "case sizes" are a big point, as well.

      Actually, no, you CAN'T watch Netflix on the PS3 while the PSN is down. I am a 360 owner while my mother owns a PS3; she uses my Netflix account but hasn't been able to since the outage began.

      Honestly I don't understand why BOTH PS3 and 360 fanboys have to be so obnoxious. A console is a console and you will use whichever is your favourite. It doesn't mean that the one you don't own is shit. My only quarrels with the (slim) PS3 is it's lack of backwards compatibility but I think that argument is justified. As for the RROD, my 360 Elite has never come across a hardware/system problem; and if I remember correctly, the PS3 has it's own YLOD.

      Whether someone owns a 360, PS3 or a Wii they are still a gamer, and part of the gaming collective. Why people feel the need to go onto message boards and flame their own kind is beyond me. Maybe both sides need to grow-up a bit here...

    PSN has been very true and I will wait for it to sort its issue. PSN rocks

    Does anyone else think it’s suspicious that the PSN cyber attack outage coincides with the XBL free to play weekend.

    Surely the vast resources of Redmond, WA would lower itself to a bit of corporate sabotage?!? Or would they?

    i dont blame sony 4 the downtime im sure they could have got it straight back up but ther upgrading their security so this type of stuff doesn't happen again (at least in the near future anyways!) so until im back online il use the 50 odd quid ive saved not buyin xbl an go the cinima 5 times or go the pub you know hahahaha tsssss burn ...see i can be an a*hole fanboy n all

    notice alot of people baggin live cos you have to pay for it, its like $1.50 a week.

      Personally Josh I don't think its a huge issue, however what I do think is that when you see how good the PSN is (usually) compared to Live and that its free, I do resent having to pay for Live a little bit. The fact that until now the PSN has been more stable just added to peoples annoyance at paying for Live. Sadly I think the PSN's downtime will probably lead to Sony charging for the PSN and we'll all lose out.

      that maybe so,but for every sucker who pays it and that be millons of people,microsoft is making money off you why should i have to pay for online usage when for every game i but its a 100 plus dollars to buy,sps gets a commission i agree, however they have the respect to their players that the pay good money for the game we make money from so why should we rip 'em off even more? psn all the way not a money making machine who drys my pockets of hard earned cash!!

      lol, I sold my 360 and now play on 2 ps3's and a pc. But ur totally right, its not really an expensive service.. i pay to play wow an thats just one game lol

    Xbox 360 is garbage, If the PSN is out Id just rather not play. WIIs are for children, 360s are for teens and PS3s are for men, and its been a while since I was a teen....And Sony you retards are unbelievable, you have no loyalty to your customers. I dont think hackers are responsible at all for the outage, rumors spread about hackers being responsible and the Sony PR team just went with it by not denying or acknowledging it was hackers, the reason Sony hasn't said anything is because they dont want to accept responsiblility that there crappy team are responsible for the outage. I think the customer deserve an explanation but Sonys unprofessional actions speek louder then words. People don't let Sony make you believe hackers are responsible, And by the way who are Sony to tell me what I can and cannot download on MY PS3, or what websites I can visit? The minute I purchased my PS3 it become my property and no longer Sonys so if I wanna hack it thats my business. Whats next, is Sony gonna bring me to court for going to Xbox sites on my PS3.

      And the trolls arrive.

    And another thing those of you who think Sony should give us a free game or something along those lines are dreamers they wont even accept any responsibility for the outage, what makes you people think they're gonna cough up anything? Sony are nothing but corporate blood suckers who care nothing about you and solely care about money, hence not taking any responsibility, because responsibility equals liability, liability equals reperation. Very unprofessional Sony.

      Though isnt ripping everyone off and making money the main game plan for, for-profit companies... which would be both microsoft and sony;)

      and sure of course sony wont want you to hack and mod your own device... why? So it protects the industries it supports. Yeh lets all be stingy and download stuff for free (illegally) from an unknown source, yep i got my free game... if everyone did it over time there wont be any more games, because people like you have killed the industry.

      And why take a stab at sony for trying to prevent piracy and protect copyright? Im pretty sure most people can recall xbox live banning users from their service as soon as mod chips were detected in their systems. And thats a paid service!

      I found this site as i was trying to find more info about the PSN outrages, fair enough i wished sony would provide more information to the users with the progress of the network. Though till is is fixed, its not the end of the world. Go outside and live for once! lol

        I don't have my PS3 Modded or Hacked the point I was trying to make is if I paid for my PS3 outright it then becomes my property, if I choose to mod or hack it well thats my business, for Sony to take me to court is rediculas, considering that once you mod or hack your PS3, your access to PSN is and will be denied, that machine will be kicked from the network, so all the talk about getting free games by modding or hacking PS3 is a straight out lie, how can you access the PS Store without accessing the PSN its impossible, you must work for Sony using lack of logic like that to try and make me look like the bad guy. Maybe next time young

        Who are you the morale police?

    it's true, that grey and tastelessly bright green thingy that my brother in law plays 24 hours a day is for kids. it is actually garbage, it even suffers from the "came-out-too-early-inferior-technology-in the-longrun" problem that the Sega Saturn suffered from. Sony is dealing with it now, it won't take the 18 days Microsoft took when it happened to them.
    When PSN does come back online they'll get about $35 from me right away and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    It will be as if none of it ever happened, then what can Microsoft do to assert itself as the less sophisticated, but far sleazier competition? I hope they aren't going to rely on the exclusive software LMAO. not gonna work.

    because being able to play your games online again isn't reward enough right? reminds me of some other group of trash who looks for reparations constantly.

    PSN is a great service. It's been reliable in the past, it will be back. I'm willing to wait - I'm glad Sony is taking the time to totally fix the probably instead of just applying a short term patch.

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