You May Now Play Long Lost Bio Force Ape

There must be some law that news that only in April can we get news about Bio Force Ape, a never-released NES game whose wild-ass title and premise spawned an awesome hoax in 2005. This, however, is legitimate: the ROM of the game is now available for you to download and play on an emulator, unless someone's gone to the trouble of putting an April Fool's message in at the end of it.

I doubt that, though. It's a real ROM, and plays like the game that Frank Cifaldi and friends bought at auction from Japan for roughly $US2,700 last year, and broadcast on 1Up in a series of videos. It certainly is bad, although I suppose that's axiomatic, for while games are unreleased for several reasons, a big one is "because it's shitty." No fart attacks, butter monsters or eating of communism, but you do get to suplex a guy in a bumblebee suit.

Spotlight: Bio Force Ape [Lost Levels]


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