A New, Five-Minute Look At Id's Baby

They made Doom. They made Quake. And next from the makers of mono-syllabic first-person shooters that always, at least, look great, is Rage. We've got a new trailer for the game today, a full five-minutes of gameplay, most of which occurs in the territory of The Shrouded, one of the game's main enemy factions.

Do you like what you see? And do you like how this plays?

Rage is set for release in North America on September 13 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It'll be part of another crowded (northern) fall season of shooters that already includes the Xbox 360's Gears of War 3 and the PS3's Resistance 3 in September, the multi-platform Battlefield 3 some time in the season and, presumably, an as-yet-unannounced new Call of Duty.


    I hope that's Console video...coz its pretty ugly.

      Judging by the way they were aiming, it was on the console, but I wouldn't say it looked ugly...

      Its the PC version, unless consoles have an 'E' key now days. ;)

        Serious? Looks like they were playing with a pad. >_>

    looks clunky. hope they tighten things up before release, it might be a Doom 3 all over again

    I thought it looked freakin' awesome, classic ID

    Oh man, this is definitely going to fuel the whole "consoles are ruining PC games" thing... I mean, that weapon selection interface is clearly console-friendly...

    Activision and EA, stand up and take notice: This WILL be the new standard for FPS to reach, and trust id software to be the ones to do it.

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