Call Of Duty Elite's Trailer Says A Lot

I always thought Activision overpaid for those Rolling Stones rights in Black Ops. Good to see they're getting a bit more mileage out of them here, in this thoroughly chatty trailer for the new Call of Duty Elite service.

If you can stomach what sounds like nearly seven minute's worth of TJ Miller's voice, there's about ten seconds worth of Modern Warfare 3 "footage" at the end.


    In all honesty. Yawn.

    I'm not a hater of COD, but this 'trailer' is pretty poor. The content looks ok (nothing I'd pay for mind you), especially for professional machinima makers, but the delivery was way off.

    I think you mispelt "crappy"

    Nice to see this backs up the belief that it's just Halo Waypoint and several features included in Halo 3 and Reach packaged together with a pricetag equal to that of Xbox Live.

    I can't wait for COD to go the way of Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk

      man... im puzzled, dont know any game with the name BF3 that's not better than this

    Here's a vid that's not banned yet, get it while you can:

    So they want people to pay for whats been free and available online for the past 10 years? Yea- no

    this is terrible

    I had no idea this game was so ugly.

      I got suckered into playing the multi against my will and was honestly surprised with how ugly it was.

      I seriously thought graphics were something that COD had going for it.

    so i should equip noobtubes, stickies, claymores and rockets and i can win stuff AWESOME sounds so skillful...

    Halo Reach has theatre mode for free (at least available to those with Xbox Live Gold). This is just silly.

      Reach's theatre mode is free to even non-Xbox Live users. Even stats are accessible for those with a silver account... but only campaign/firefight stats obviously.

    eh, atleast it will be better than that piece of shit BF3.

      Can't tell if trolling, or just really stupid

      Based on the assumption that MW3 will follow the trend of every Call of Duty game since MW and be exactly the same, and also based on what DICE has shown of Battlefield 3, I struggle to see how you can honestly believe that. Assuming your comment wasn't pure fanboyism, of course...

      How can you say that even before the games are released? I'm sure mattroe is 100% correct. How about you wait until both are out and you've played both until you call one shit :-) it's like TF2?

    That first few minutes were an accuate representation of everytime I've play CoD multiplayer.

    Also, gosh darn Black Ops is an ugly game...

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