Check Out This NBA Star's Massive Wingspan

This full-back tat by Andrei Kirilenko, a free agent most recently with the Utah Jazz, speaks to what kind of pro athlete plays World of Warcraft. Usually, it's the iconoclast in the locker room, a guy like Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.

Once this hit Twitter, word spread of Kirilenko's badass back tat but few understood its meaning. Evidently it's an interpretation of his level 80 Paladin and mount. In a story from December, fellow NBA player Channing Frye (a level 76 gnome frost mage named 'Dookiedrawls,') vouches for AK47's Warcraft credentials.

Utah Jazz's Andrei Kirilenko Goes Bat-Shit Crazy [Salt Lake City Weekly]


    Lol, he plays wow. Yet he's level 76....
    more of a noob than a player imo

      He also earns 7 figures... Im pretty sure that makes you the noob

    It says he has a level 80 paladin and fellow NBA player has 76 Mage I guess that makes you a noob in RL for not being able to read

    However he is a noob for getting a wow inspired tattoo.. It's just a phase im sure.. I once thought wow was he greatest invention since white bread too .. Which also brings up the question how does a NBA star have the time to play wow.. PL maybe??

    unique tattoo for sure... i like it. I can only imagine how many people went in did the same thing..

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