Friskies Has Created Three New iPad Video Games For Your Cat

Cat food purveyor Friskies has released a trio of iPad/Android tablet games for our feline friends to enjoy. Tasty Treasures, Party Mix-Up and Cat Fishing, aren't the first iPad games released for cats, but they may be the first games on any platform used to advertise to animals.

At their respective cores, each of the three games is the same; give the cat a movement target to poke and scratch at. Tasty Treasures has your cat chasing after pieces of dry cat food. Party Mix-Up makes your cat go after ingredients; chicken, fish, cheese, etc, Cat Fishing is the trickiest: Your cat tries to catch fish, which dive underwater occasionally.

Before you ask: Yes, the games keep score. Yes, your cats can compete to see who has the best reaction time.

Games for Cats! [Via Mashable]


    Presumably the cats can also compete to see who can leave the most scratches on your iPad screen.

      I was just about to post, make sure you have a durable screen protector.

    so they play to see who can claim the title of "fiercest pussy"?

      I honestly didn't know whether to censor that comment or not... lol :P

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