Is This Modern Warfare 3's Cover?


    Interesting. I'm just glad IW are doing this because then it's guaranteed to actually be playable.

      Considering the success Black Ops has had, I would say Treyarch make playable games.

      Black Ops IMO is more enjoyable than MW2. COD4 takes the cake by miles and World at War was terrific aswell. But the millions upon millions on the Xbox alone STILL playing Black Ops makes your insinuated insult towards Treyarch basically, void.

      It's also kinda funny considering the amount of staff that left IW last year were half the people that created the COD series. So the playable part of MW3 would be the most concerning thing for me.

        Millions of people STILL read the Twilight novels, doesn't mean it's better than the novels that preceded it.

        >playable part


        Pakka do you even know what you're talking about?

    It's either this, or the picture of an Activision Rep bending a big bag of money over the table, dropping his pants and... you know what let's just go with this one.

    It's going to suck because the heart and soul of MW1 & 2 are now at Respawn Studios.
    And Treyarch didn't making Black Ops a success; massive awesome marketing made it a success, coupled with the previous success and hype from the COD brand. The game is pedestrian at best. It doesn't even have dynamic environmental lighting like MW2 had.
    Content != Quality

    That said, I'm still probably going to buy it :(

    You can view the thread that Brian links to here on Google's cache:

    Also, for the logos that they mention, check here:

    No idea what 'Call of Duty: Elite' is, but speculation is that its just the Beachead platform, not an actual new title.

    Reminds me of the Bad Company/Battlefeild 3 cover. All he needs is for his left hand to be on fire.

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