Make Your Own Portal Turret (With An Egg!)

Remember when your Mum used to make you a boiled egg, and make toast soldiers? Think how better that would be if the egg was a Portal Turret. That would be 'eggcellent' - right guys?

Are you still there?

1. Make the frame.

2. Put the egg on the frame.

3. But after you've painted the egg.

4. Eat it!

5. Are you still there?

Thanks to Zoran for sending it in!

Make your own Portal Sentry Turret Egg Cup [Indestructables]


    Huh, I might build one of these.

    I'll keep fearing it'll shoot me if I try to crack the shell :P

    Now if only there was a way to make a weighted companion cube out of toast...

      How bout a cake?

        pfft - cake is the obvious choice. Now toast, there's a challenge ;)

    The most eggciting thing I've read all morning!

    Good old !

    om nom nom nom

    This comment thread is now for terrible puns about eggs.

    Someone needs to make an egg 'chell'

    Am I right guys?

      Personally i find this article EGGcellent, with no indication of FOUL play or bad YOLKS.

      This type of journalism is sure to rake in the CHICKS as it's so against the GRAINS.

      I don't want to play CHICKEN with your emotions, but once agHEN this is sure to EGGnite your career even further.

    Terrible instructions. Real ones here

      Thanks for the heads up - I didn't know where the link for this was. Just got the images sent to me via email.

    My mum never made boiled eggs with toast soldiers...




    Does she not love me because I've got red hair?


      Don't be silly.

      It would be more likely because you were an accident.

      Personally, i'm the result of a broken condom - true story!

      nothing beats feeling wanted ;)

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