Minecraft Hatches Beta Update 1.6

Time to update those Minecraft clients, as Notch and crew roll out update 1.6, introducing hatches, spreading mushrooms, craftable maps, and taking away some of the destructive power of fire. Check out the patch notes to see what's new.


    Silly update was a few weeks late! The town could have been saved....SAVED! *sobs*

      The less destructive power of fire only meant my town burned that little slower... One stray flame can still take down weeks of work.

      As I found out last night.

      Also, anyone else noticed furnaces are spewing out everything but one item when putting stacks of items in? Try make bulk quantities of glass when every time you put in a 64 stack of Sand and 10 odd stack of coal... 63 sand pop out, and 9 coal. FUN!

    I think it's bullshit that we get these two sentence (in this case ONE sentence) news post about stupid things like a game being patched.

    There's not even an attempt to list all the changes, or discuss what they are. What a waste of space.

      Better than having no news. Seriously, Kotaku's been having a slow news day every day this year.

        Kotaku? More like SLOWtaku

      lets see you manage a gaming news website and we'll judge how well you do it

      Well I certainly appreciate the update. It means I will put off loading up Minecraft until I update our private multiplayer server. I wouldn't have been able to get it on and play because of out of date client errors if I hadn't have seen this. So thankyou Kotaku.

    Theres a link to the patch notes...

    You know how to use teh internetz right?

    Also.. freakin snore Notch. Stop adding shiz to the game, from the mod community (who fixed your game for you and made it a success), and get the stuff you got working plz...

    -One of your fans from before it was cool who is frankly sick to death of your lazy cafe sippin ass

      I was going to make a comment criticising yours for being innacurate or naive, but really I think this is enough.

      "-One of your fans from before it was cool"

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