While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

It's good news, I guess - David O'Russell has now dropped out of the Uncharted movie and, presumably, taken his wacked out ideas with him. On the flipside, however, I can't help but feel that, as gamers, we've complained and bitched to the point where a genuine critcally acclaimed, proven director has felt the need to leave a project because we disagree on the details. I guess we'll have to wait and see who replaces him.

Someone is remaking Maniac Mansion. This excites me, since I'm a huge fan of old school Lucasarts adventures. Here's hoping the lawyers don't get frisky with these folks.

Assassin's Creed Revelations reveals fresh new details, Minecraft is hatching into beta update 1.6, and Modern Warfare 3 leaves us wanting...

In Short David O'Russell Drops Out Of Controversial Uncharted Movie Minecraft Hatches Beta Update 1.6 Assassin's Creed Revelations Reveals Fresh New Details Modern Warfare 3 In Action Leaves Me Wanting, But What? Holy Shit, Somebody Is Remaking Maniac Mansion


    MW3 looks horrible, they're just milking the series now. Bring on BF3.

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